3rd International Conference & Exhibition

Advanced Geospatial Science & Technology (TeanGeo 2022)

18-20 October 2022
Tunis, Tunisia

Conference Topics

Contributors are invited to submit abstracts and papers on all topics within the fields of Geospatial Science & Technology, including (but not limited to):

  • 1. EO for Sustainable Development Goals
  • - EO applications for SDG’s monitoring : measure progress towards achieving SDG’s targets
  • - EO for SDG’s reporting and indicators definition
  • 2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning in Earth Observation domain
  • - Machine learning application in geospatial domain
  • - Artificial intelligence usage in processing and analysis of EO data
  • 3. Open data cubes and big geospatial data analytics
  • - Digital data cubes systems and application
  • - Big data in geospatial domain : applications, workflows and resources optimization
  • 4. Earth Observation for oil and gaz industry
  • - EO for surface geology mapping, oilfield performance assessment and surfaces deformation
  • - Geo-information applications in the Oil &Gaz sector
  • 5. Land degradation and restauration assessment using space technologies
  • - EO application for monitoring and assessment of land degradation/restauration
  • - Assessment of vulnerability and risk indicators and models (coastal erosion, landslides, forest fires, etc)
  • 6. Remote sensing for water and natural resources monitoring
  • - Application of EO data and techniques for agriculture monitoring
  • - Yields forecast and agriculture production estimation using EO
  • - Usage of EO for irrigation monitoring and water balance estimation
  • - EO application in flood mapping and hazards risk reduction